CFT Squish Guide

CFT Squish Guide

Squishies are adorable little companions that we pour, usually with extra silicone from batches. We have a large variety of seasonal and retired pals, so we've put this guide together to help document CFT's squish both past and present.

Currently in Production (Common)

Phaethon the Phoenix
Cyrus the Werewolf


Ferro the Alien
Dionaea the Cultivar
Artemis the Dragon
Fried Wolfy

Seasonal (Spring)

Calliope the Enchanted
Snail Puppy

Seasonal (Autumn)

Eros the Demon
Bat-Kitty Familiar
Owl Familiar
Dragon Familiar
Ooby Gooby

Seasonal (Winter)

Kose the Reindeer


(Past squishies that may or may not return in very rare circumstances, or after a resculpt. Under construction)

Pie & Drumstick (Nov 2020)
Artemis Butt & Mirage (2020)

New Year's Party Hat & Bottle (2021)
Strawberries & Hearts (Feb 2021)
Macaroons (March 2021)
BIG Drumstick Squish (April 2021)
Melty Ice Cream & Popsicles (July 2021)

Cat-fish (Jan 2022)
Mirage with Bow (Feb 2022)
Lute Squish, Mushroom Guy with Butt & Mini Version, Ocarina Squish (April 2022)
2nd Anniversary Cupcakes (Artemis, Cyrus, Kose) (Sept 2022)

Pride Possum (June 2023)
3rd Anniversary Ice Creams (Laguna, Iota, Zian), Laguna with Floatie (Sept 2023)
Arty Boo (Oct 2023)