Valentine's Gift Guide 2024

Valentine's Gift Guide 2024

It's the season of sweets, pinks, and treating loved ones and yourself!

To make your Valentine's shopping a lot easier, we've created this handy guide to catch all the best sales, see what our team picks are, and make sure you don't miss out on the freebies!

Best Fantasy Toy Sales

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Full of Love

Looking for something that fits with the colors of love? Whether you're all about the soft pastels, or want something bright and loud - we have plenty for you to browse!

You're so sweet!

Treat yourself in more ways than one - these toys are reminiscent of cakes, drinks, and other fun desserts.

These make the perfect gift for any occasion, and will always make treating yourself feel that much more special!

Mystery Match Squish - Gift Bundles

Share the love with a mystery match! These little gift bundles are packed with goodies at a great bargain. There's a limited supply, so they likely won't last long!

What treasures will you receive?


Not sure what toy to try next, or are you new to fantasy toys and want some suggestions?
The team at CFT is always happy to help, and we've curated our top picks for you below!

Peach recommends: Calliope the Enchanted

Calliope is the perfect sweetheart for your Valentine's! I love the beautiful handsculpted carousel base, and the piercing is like the cherry on top! The thinner shaft makes this model compatible with most strap-ons, and it's an easy model to enjoy whether you are just starting out, warming up, or really looking forward for a fun ride!

If you're looking for another easy to approach model, I'd suggest Laguna the Siren!

Fuzz recommends: Kose the Reindeer

This is our best selling model for a reason! Kose's head makes an adorable heart shape, and if you like a bit of girth - Kose makes for a perfect fit! This is especially nice in our softer firmnesses, since it has plenty of squish and give, but it isn't too floppy in use. Aside from being well loved by many, Kose is just plain cute!

Check out the reviews if you'd like to hear more!

Panini recommends: Zian the Oracle

Where do I begin with Zian? I love this model not only because I designed the signature coloration, but this sculpt checks a lot of boxes - there's just enough detail on the shaft while still being smooth and stylized, it really adds to the fantasy. And of course the most noticeable feature - the hanging balls. Yes, they swing. Yes, they're a lot of fun! It's a more familiar shape but there's still plenty to write about how Zian stands out as a different toy.

My favorite review of Zian is titled "Balls to the walls amazing"!

Spinch recommends: Eros the Demon

I always love to recommend Eros to anyone looking for something new! In Super Soft, the spikes are very plumpy - while the ridges on the back give a very different sensation, smooth and exciting. If you feel like you already have a lot of fantasy toys and enjoy some texture, give Eros a try!

I have a collection of Eros, but I especially love marble and fade pours on this model!

BerBer recommends: Windsor the Water Mage

Windsor is special to me, especially considering that the team picked the name I suggested! Aside from having a unique character design, this model also has a detailed sculpt with just the right curve to it. I like the variety of size and texture, which means this toy always has something different to offer!

I'm patiently waiting for the character art to be completed, but here's a sneak peek! The Character was designed and sketched by Spinch!

Ara recommends: Cyrus the Werewolf - Emblazoned

The werewolf is a classic, and I designed this model to be on the bigger side! It was also our first model in the Emblazoned line - where we take the original model and "level it up" by changing a few features about it. For Emblazoned Cyrus, it has more girth overall, a slightly different tip, and a meaty ring leading to a large knot. All features which make it the perfect proportions for me! Don't forget to check out the original Cyrus the Werewolf to compare and see which lycan is right for you!

Although this is definitely monster-sized, we are working on smaller sizing. Feel free to send us your ideal measurements and we'll work that into our future models!

Congrats on making it to the end of our gift guide! 🎉
We hope you enjoy all of the new goodies!

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